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“We need to create a Facebook page for our firm!”


“Pinterest is hot right now. We need to be on Pinterest.”


“I heard that Snapchat is going to be huge for businesses in 2014. We need to figure out how to use Snapchat.”


Why, why, why, why, why?

Maybe your firm does need a Facebook page. Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networks for business. Some marketers are saying that 2014 is the year that businesses will figure out how to promote their brands with Snapchat.

Please don’t take this shotgun approach.

Before you spend time and effort on creating a presence on any Social Media platform, first ask why?

  • Why do we need to be on Facebook?

  • Are our ideal clients using Pinterest?

  • Is Snapchat the best way to showcase our work?

I’m not picking on any of these platforms. I’m saying set goals, understand your objectives and focus on networks that make sense for you.

In “How do You Develop a Social Media Strategy?” I talk about the fact that most businesses don’t align their Business Objectives and Social Media Strategy; that many don’t know their Target Market. If you don’t align your objectives and social strategy what are you going to talk about? If you don’t know who your target market is and where they are, where are you going to say it?

Your resources are limited. Everyone’s resources are limited. Pick something you’re good at; something that your firm can do at a high level; something that will let you stand out. Then, pick the platform where your content is best suited.

Are you good at photography? Is someone on your staff creative enough to tell a story in 15 second videos? Maybe Instagram is the platform where your firm can excel.

Is creating targeted white papers your thing? Perhaps posting links to them on LinkedIn, or even creating a LinkedIn Group around your expertise is where you need to be.

The point is you need to start by picking one or two networks that you can do really well. Hopefully these are also networks where your ideal clients hang out. Chances are if you’re targeting the right prospects there will be a synergy between your strengths (the content you create and where you post it) and their interests (the networks where they hang out).

So I say start small and focus on creating high quality content in just a few places. Then spend your time building a community around it.

Remember, when I say content I mean:

  • Long-form Articles (Blog Posts)

  • Long-form Videos (YouTube, Vimeo)

  • Photography (Instagram, Pinterest)

  • Podcasts

  • Short-form Videos (Instagram, Vine)

  • Slide Shows (SlideShare)

  • Micro-blogging (Twitter, Tumblr)

  • Infographics

And the list goes on. Content can be anything that you create that is interesting, helpful and useful for your audience.

Do you have a Social Media Strategy? What Social networks are you on? Where are your potential clients?

Is this information helpful to you? I’d love to have your feedback. Comment below and let me know. Is it helpful? Is it confusing? Do you need more information? Is it too basic?

My goal is to start an open dialogue and let Architect of the Internet be a forum where we can all learn to have success in the business of architecture through Social Media.

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Jeff Echols is the creative Storyteller for Award-Winning architecture firms and the Social Media Campaign Manager for industry professionals. He is a graduate of Ball State University with over 20 years’ experience in the marketing departments of firms ranging from three to three thousand employees.

Jeff spends countless hours studying, developing and implementing strategies for insuring marketing success for Architects and other business owners in the online arena. He documents the good, the bad and the ugly in Social Media at Architect of the Internet and speaks about Conquering Social Media in venues ranging from the Board Room to the Convention Stage.

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