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What is the Best Social Media Platform for Architects?

Where are you spending your time on Social Media? Are you on LinkedIn or Facebook or Twitter or Houzz? Where do you have the most fans or followers? Where are your clients and potential clients? What is the best Social Media Platform for Architects?

Do know Seth Godin? He’s a well-known marketing guy, a brilliant thought leader and a best-selling author. I mentioned him in “Is Social Media Worth-It for Architects?” If you missed it you may want to check out the video of his answer to that question.

I was listening to another podcast yesterday and the question came up and became the major topic of conversation: What is the best Social Media platform for businesses to use?

I really enjoyed the answer to the question because it directly reflected the basis of my Architect of the Internet presentation. But it also reminded me of an interview of Seth Godin that I watched recently on YouTube.

Seth was asked what he thought the most important or effective Social Media platform was. This is what he said:

“Before 1960 there were no 800 numbers. By 1970 the 800 number industry was generating billions of dollars of revenue. More phone calls were being made on 800 numbers than any other kind. But nobody was asking what telephone carrier was having the most impact on the growth of companies that sold on the phone. They didn’t look at the phone as much more than a tactic. There was something bigger behind it. … It’s not Twitter vs. MySpace vs. Facebook vs. This vs. That vs. Google+, it’s human beings want to connect.“

Then the Interviewer brings it all back around with what I thought was a great statement in itself. He said: So “Instead of targeting one place and figuring out where all these people are, it’s becoming a part of them and really understanding them and contributing to them.”

If the homeowners that you’re trying to reach spend their time on Pinterest then be there; connect with them there. If you’re ideal client is a highly educated business professional that doesn’t spend any time any Social Media network besides LinkedIn, you’d better be interacting with them on LinkedIn. Wherever they are, you need to be there too.

That’s the key that you need to remember:

Success in Social Media comes from identifying the group that you need to communicate with, finding them where they are, really understanding what they’re doing and contributing to them in a meaningful way.

I’m working on a post right now that I’ll call “What is the Future of Social Media?” I’m going to share my thoughts about where I think this is all headed. I’ll give you a little preview:

Whether you’re a fan of spying on your high school buddies on Facebook or you enjoy grinning at cat memes on Instagram or sharing recipes on Pinterest you have to remember that all these platforms are just carriers. Are you a Verizon customer or an AT&T customer? When you call your Mom does she care what carrier you’re using?

In the future wouldn’t you rather share something in one place and have it show up in the appropriate friends’ and fans’ feeds no matter what carrier they prefer? Well, this is getting into an excellent interview with Shel Israel that I want to tell you about later but you’ll notice that even (or maybe especially) when we’re talking about the future of Social Media the main topic is still conversation.

So what do you think? What is the best Social Media platform for Architects? Does the platform matter?

Leave a comment and let me know. My goal is to start an open dialogue and let Architect of the Internet be a forum where we can all learn to have success in the business of architecture through Social media.

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