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5 “RE’s” to Change the Future of Architecture

These are exciting times in our profession. Change is in the air. Our perception of ourselves is changing. Joe Public’s perception of us is changing. For the first time in a long time we’re thinking differently and many of us are working differently.

Last month Bob Borson issued a challenge. Before it was over, 14 writers answered 11 Frequently Asked Questions about what it’s like to be an Architect.

That effort has been dubbed #ArchiTalks. We hope to make this group writing thing a monthly event.

Did you miss last month’s articles? “11 Frequently Asked Questions About Being An Architect” lists my answers to the 11 FAQ’s plus links to everyone else’s answers (that’s 154 answers in all).

This month, the #ArchiTalks challenge was to write on the topic of “This is Exciting.”

I don’t know what that’s supposed to mean but I think that was the point. What is exciting? What is ‘This?’ Who are ‘They?’ Answers may vary.

Well, I’m up to the challenge and so are my friends. You can find a list of links to their thoughts on “This is Exciting” below.

So what’s exciting me?

Rapid change.

In my mind, the business of architecture has remained essentially unchanged for generations … until recently.

Here are 5 “RE’s” that I believe signal rapid and significant change that will positively impact the future of our profession:

RE: membering:

It has suddenly dawned on us that the historical “Architect” wasn’t a middle-aged white man wearing a white shirt and tie sitting in a non-descript glass office in the sky surrounded by green-topped drafting tables.

Maybe we’re tired of letting ourselves be relegated to the role of the one’s who “draw the blueprints.”

We remember that an Architect was once so much more. We’re asserting that an Architect is today so much more.

RE: imagining:

We’re thinking about ways that Architects can contribute on a greater level, to the greater good. We’re coming up with new ideas about what an Architect can do and what an Architect can be.

We’re changing our role; we’re expanding our role.

We’re realizing that we need Architects and our creative, critical thinking minds in all sectors of business, government, education and beyond.

We’re admitting that we’ve known this all along but are finally ready act on it and accept and encourage our peers who venture down these paths.  

RE: engaging:

Our Young Professionals are reaching out to us; we’re reaching back. The role of the Emerging Professional is expanding. Our leaders are starting to understand that without our EP’s we can’t move forward.

Small firms are standing up and speaking out. Women are leading and being recognized. Together our diversity is enriching our story. 

RE: invigorating:

The energy is building. These changes are a catalyst. We’re nearing a point of critical mass. There’s an excitement and confidence and swagger that’s been missing for some time.

RE: positioning:

We’re changing how we communicate. We’re talking about our value. We’re making a case for our professional skills, knowledge, leadership and expertise.

We’re taking a stand.

We’re producing Podcasts and Television Programing. We’re writing and photographing and publishing. We’re telling our story; a new story; a better story.

Has anything changed?

So has the business of architecture changed that much? Yes and no. We’re the same dysfunctional bunch we’ve always been but I believe that we’re finally stepping up.

We’re finally taking responsibility for the BUSINESS of architecture. We’re playing the role of BUSINESS professionals, not just design professionals. We’re working to build a better profession.

While we’re doing a better job at telling our story, we’re also doing a better job at listening.

This is the change and the change is exciting.


Here’s a list of other professionals that are stepping up and pushing us forward. Let’s see what’s exciting them:

If you’re interested in joining in the #ArchiTalks fun for future posts leave a comment in the Speak Your Mind area below and I’ll make sure you’re including on the email chain going forward.

My goal is to start an open dialogue and let Architect of the Internet be a forum where we can all learn to have success in the business of architecture through Social Media.



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About Jeff Echols

Jeff Echols is the creative Storyteller for Award-Winning architecture firms and the Social Media Campaign Manager for industry professionals. He is a graduate of Ball State University with over 20 years’ experience in the marketing departments of firms ranging from three to three thousand employees.

Jeff spends countless hours studying, developing and implementing strategies for insuring marketing success for Architects and other business owners in the online arena. He documents the good, the bad and the ugly in Social Media at Architect of the Internet and speaks about Conquering Social Media in venues ranging from the Board Room to the Convention Stage.


  1. Right on Jeff! (have to say I’m also passionate about your topic, the Business of Architecture!

    Change is in the air and I feel it to. Cool thing is you are riding the front of the wave.

  2. Jeff;
    Your post is RE: affirming!
    I’ve been at this for a quarter century, but I’ve never been so optimistic about the future of our profession.

    Keep up the great Social Media work and keep telling great stories!



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