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What is the ‘Real World’? Is it the shanty town seen above? Or is it this concert hall by Frank Gehry? What is the ‘Real World’? That question ranks right up there with ‘What is the meaning of life?’ It’s all about perspective right? That’s the spin I’m putting on this month’s #ArchiTalks article. Have you… Read More »

How is Social Media Strategy like a Sandwich Shop? That’s what I talked about in Chicago at the American Institute of Architects’ National Convention. You Have To Have A Hook When Sybil Walker-Barnes from AIA National asked me to give a presentation in the Town Hall at the Convention she warned me that there would… Read More »

Here we are now a week removed from the 2014 American Institute of Architects National Convention in Chicago. These are my thoughts and my challenge for next year’s convention. The truth is, I fully meant to write and publish this several days ago directly on the heels of the Convention. But I’ve been tired and… Read More »

“Is Social Media ‘Worth It’?” It’s a question that I hear over and over, not just from Architects but from business people of all stripes. As I was preparing for my Architect of the Internet presentation at the American Institute of Architects Ohio Valley Region Conference, I came across this video where Seth Godin responds… Read More »

Soon I’ll present “Architect of the Internet” at the 2013 AIA Ohio Valley Region Convention. In preparation, I’ve been researching and writing, watching videos and reviewing Social Media presentations from across the internet. I’ve been to a number of these type presentations over the years; you probably have to. You know what they’re like. There’s… Read More »

I wasn’t able to go to Washington DC for the AIA’s Grassroots 2013 conference but I watched the Twitters closely to see what was going on. One tweet in particular piqued my interested and then inspired this infographic. First, a few observations: Grassroots is the “Leadership and Legislative Conference.” Less than 3.5% of Attendees tweeted… Read More »

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