How Product Reps Leave Business On The Table

Are you, like many Product Reps, leaving business on the table? If you need to serve your clients better and sell more of your product then you’re in the right place. I can help you learn how to sell more with Social Media Marketing.

What does your week look like? Are you calling on as many Architects and Designers as you can, updating binders; maybe manning a tradeshow booth?

As a rule of thumb for our industry, approximately 80% of sales come from referrals and repeat clients. That’s great when your existing network is sending people your way. That’s great when your best customers continue to have clients and projects where they can spec your products.

But what happens when those sources dry up?

Wouldn’t you like to expand your network; to amplify those word-of-mouth referrals to areas and markets that you haven’t tapped yet?

Not long ago a Product Rep told me they needed to increase their exposure amongst Architects across the country.

That seems like a reasonable goal but it led me to ask a few follow-up questions:

  • Is your product offering specific enough that you can develop a more specific target group? (Architects that specialize in a certain project type or Architects that are also LEED AP’s)

  • Is there a specific region of the country where your products are more popular or applicable?

AND (here’s the big one)

  • Is your product especially popular in a specific project type? (There’s nothing more powerful than a Client walking into the Architect’s office saying ‘I want to use THIS!’)

Many Product Reps, people just like you, are leaving a lot of business on the table by not properly targeting their marketing efforts. Every Product Rep can benefit by investing time and resources into making Social Media a profitable part of their Marketing Strategy.

If you’re ready to bolster your bottom line by building a stronger, broader network for referrals and clients; if you’re ready to learn how to sell more of your product with Social Media Marketing┬áplease contact me through the form below.

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