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Last month I told you that I was invited by Novedge to participate in a Google+ Hangout On Air TitledHow to Succeed in Architecture: Social Media to Get What You Want.”

First let me say that if you haven’t been to Novedge’s YouTube Channel you’re missing out. They’ve posted nearly 300 videos ranging from How-To videos explaining the programs and technology that you and I use in the practice of Architecture, to their How to Succeed in Architecture series featuring interviews with Architects around the country.

Now back to my Hangout … Novedge invited Bob Borson of “Life of an Architect,” Enoch Sears of “Business of Architecture” and Me to hang out, chat about Social Media and architecture and take your questions, live and on the air.

It was an honor to share the virtual screen with tow guys who are arguably two of the most influential figures in our profession (at least when it comes to Social Media and Architecture) and respond to your questions. And it was a fun time too.

Watch the video when you have a little time. You’ll find that there’s a lot of great information there and that I need a lot of practice when it comes to live, video interviews!

What do you think? Did you enjoy the interview? Are you ready to learn more about Social Media for Architects? Want to know more about Google+ and Hangouts On Air?

Leave a comment and let me know. My goal is to start an open dialogue and let Architect of the Internet be a forum where we can all learn to have success in the business of architecture through Social media.

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Jeff Echols is the creative Storyteller for Award-Winning architecture firms and the Social Media Campaign Manager for industry professionals. He is a graduate of Ball State University with over 20 years’ experience in the marketing departments of firms ranging from three to three thousand employees.

Jeff spends countless hours studying, developing and implementing strategies for insuring marketing success for Architects and other business owners in the online arena. He documents the good, the bad and the ugly in Social Media at Architect of the Internet and speaks about Conquering Social Media in venues ranging from the Board Room to the Convention Stage.

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