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Are you a Social Media Pro, a hobbyist or just someone that likes to keep up with friends and family? Are you struggling to understand the differences between Tweets and Facebook Status Updates? Are you ready to take the next step towards successfully using Social Media to grow your business, organization or personal network? Are you ready to Conquer Social Media?

If your answer to any of those questions was ‘Yes’ then “Conquer Social Media” may be just what you need.

I wrote an eBook that outlines over 60 of my favorite tips, that’s 10 tips for the 6 most popular platforms (plus some bonuses), for Conquering Social Media. Check it out. Hopefully you’ll find something useful in it. Let me know what you think. I’ll be grateful for your feedback.

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Here’s a link to get the free eBook: “Conquer Social Media.”

And if you’re looking for a little entertainment, check out this article and infographic by Ragan’s PR Daily called “12 Types of Social Media Personalities.”

Here’s the link to take you to 12 Types of Social Media Personalities.

How are you using Social Media? Is it a part of your job? Do you enjoy Tweeting or posting on Facebook or Pinning to share your own personal point of view?

Leave me a comment below. I’d like to know.

About Jeff Echols

Jeff Echols is the creative Storyteller for Award-Winning architecture firms and the Social Media Campaign Manager for industry professionals. He is a graduate of Ball State University with over 20 years’ experience in the marketing departments of firms ranging from three to three thousand employees.

Jeff spends countless hours studying, developing and implementing strategies for insuring marketing success for Architects and other business owners in the online arena. He documents the good, the bad and the ugly in Social Media at Architect of the Internet and speaks about Conquering Social Media in venues ranging from the Board Room to the Convention Stage.

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