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My Favorite Things … Ok seriously, who throws that out as a topic?!

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens …

Do you know how long it took me to work THAT out of my head?!

In the last episode of #ArchiTalks I had to write about “A Day In The Life” right after I had lost my job and now this?!

Have you been following along with #ArchiTalks?

Here’s the format: every month someone (usually Bob Borson of Life of an Architect) throws out a topic and a growing number of us in the architectural profession wax poetic (more or less) on the subject.

You can find a complete list of everyone participating in this month’s #ArchiTalks challenge at the end of this article.

Did you miss last month’s articles? My contribution was “What To Do When You Lose Your Job In Architecture: A Day In The Life”


Classic Jazz:

Ok, so I figured if you had to endure the whole “My Favorite Things” thing, you might as well have a cool version of the song stuck in your head. I love classic jazz … Miles, Coltrane, Mingus and Monk. Give this a listen and maybe you won’t have visions of Julie Andrews stuck in your head!

My REAL Favorite Things:

If you follow me on Facebook you probably know that this year, for the first time I have afternoon car line duty. That’s right; I pick my kids up after school every day. We’re 103 days in and I’ve been chronicling it in little stories on Facebook. Even though I started by messing with your mind up above, my number one favorite things are my wife and kids.

If you’re interested, you can check out my Days of School Reports on Facebook by following this link.


Calvin Fletchers My Favorite Things

Calvin Pepper:

I don’t know how you start your day, but mine starts with COFFEE! If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you may have noticed My CoffeeADay Initiative. My goal is to have coffee with at least one person every day. If you’re interested in joining me for a cup (even if it’s virtual) comment below.

You can follow me on Instagram by following this link.

You can follow me on Twitter by following this link.

One of my favorite coffee shops in Indianapolis is Calvin Fletcher’s Coffee Company. They’re a Not-For-Profit Coffee Company. They brew a great cup and you can often find the who’s who of Indy there.

My favorite drink at Calvin Fletcher’s is the Calvin Pepper. It’s a traditional cappuccino brewed w/ honey and cayenne pepper. Now that’s good stuff!


North Face Gloves My Favorite Things

Touchscreen Gloves:

Now I don’t know what it’s like where you are but right now it’s winter in Indiana. That means that even though we don’t know from hour to hour what the weather will do but you can be pretty sure it’s cold. It might be cold and raining or cold and snowing or cold and blowing or cold with an extra shot of cold but either way it’s cold.

That’s why my North Face ETIP Pamir Windstopper Touchscreen Gloves are one of my favorite things. I have no idea what ETIP or Pamir are. I don’t know what it is but I have a pretty good idea what Windstopper does but these gloves are how I avoid frostbite while Tweeting and Instagramming and listening to Podcast through an Indiana winter.


Dr Martens My Favorite Things

Dr. Martens:

I think they real key to comfort starts with your feet. It doesn’t hurt that I’m currently stuck in winter mode but I’ve got a pair of Doc’s for every occasion. Need to shovel snow? No problem! Spending part of the day in the office and the rest on the jobsite? Got you covered! Want to clean up a little put on some finer threads? Well, I guess we can do that too!

I started wearing Dr. Martens when I was walking miles and miles around Chicago every day and I have no intention of stopping anytime soon!


Moleskine My Favorite Things


How do you pronounce “Moleskine”? You know what I’m talking about right? The simply elegant little, notebooks, sketchbooks, phone cases, etc.? I’ve heard a lot of debate over that question. As it turns out there’s a page on the Moleskine website addressing just that. Their official answer? “There is no predetermined answer.” HA!

I don’t go anywhere without my Moleskine.


Apps My Favorite Things


Last but not least, my favorite iPhone apps. This may seem a little trivial but I can literally do just about anything I want to do on any given day with these apps.

Instagram – This may be my favorite Social Media platform and I’m extremely bullish on its viability as a storytelling platform for all types of businesses, especially Architects.

Twitter – My first love (at least when it comes to Social Media platforms). I don’t know why I think in 140 characters but I do. It’s a great place to do research and have conversations.

Wordswag – So here’s a funny story, last week I received a request to speak in front of a group of influential business owners …

“Absolutely, yes I’d love to help you out. Did you have a topic in mind?”

“We were thinking something to do with Green and Social Media. Those both stand out in your Bio.”

“Ok, let me give that some thought and I’ll put something together. When do you meet?”

“Thursday at 7:15am.”

“You mean next week Thursday or like 36 hours from now Thursday?!”

Talk about hustle and improvisation! I used Wordswag to put all my slides together on my iPhone while I sat at my son’s basketball practice Wednesday night.

Snapseed – Best photo editing app available for the iPhone, hands down.

IFTTT – Create recipes to automate just about anything. The possibilities are truly mind boggling.

Dropbox – I’m pretty sure you know this one. I actually use both Dropbox and Google Docs but this one’s my favorite. Everything I need for the day is in the cloud!

Evernote – Uber organization elephant style!

Waze – If you don’t know this “community based traffic and navigation app” you need to check it out. It will out-perform your TomTom (if those still exist), your in-car navigation, even your Google Maps. It learns your favorite routes and sends you realtime updates based on feedback from everyone else that’s using it at the time. Whoa!


So there you go. Those are some of my favorite things that help me get through the day. What are some of your favorite things? Let me know in the comment section below. I’d like to hear from you.


In the meantime, here’s a list of the other professionals that are stepping up and pushing us forward. Let’s see what’s exciting them:

If you’re interested in joining in the #ArchiTalks fun for future posts leave a comment in the Speak Your Mind area below and I’ll make sure you’re including on the email chain going forward.

My goal is to start an open dialogue and let Architect of the Internet be a forum where we can all learn to have success in the business of architecture through Social Media.

About Jeff Echols

Jeff Echols is the creative Storyteller for Award-Winning architecture firms and the Social Media Campaign Manager for industry professionals. He is a graduate of Ball State University with over 20 years’ experience in the marketing departments of firms ranging from three to three thousand employees.

Jeff spends countless hours studying, developing and implementing strategies for insuring marketing success for Architects and other business owners in the online arena. He documents the good, the bad and the ugly in Social Media at Architect of the Internet and speaks about Conquering Social Media in venues ranging from the Board Room to the Convention Stage.


  1. Great post, Jeff. I haven’t ever been to Calvin Fletcher’s. I’ll have to keep that in mind for a non-workday coffee place.

  2. I love me a good pair of Dr. Marten’s. And you are are right. They are good for any occasion. My favorite pair are starting to fall apart at the seams after nearly 10 years of hard use. I am debating with myself about whether to get them repaired or not.


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