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Google+ Hangout On Air by Novedge

Are you using Google+?

If you’re on Google+ but I’m not in one of your circles connect with here.

How can Architects use Google+ Hangout On Air? It’s been called a ghost town and expected to fail, but Google reports over 200 million active users. I think Google+ may be the most misunderstood of the Social networks. Let’s start with some basics.

Former Apple evangelist and author of “What the Plus!,” Guy Kawasaki is a strong proponent of Google+. If you’d like to learn more about the platform, I’d recommend picking up Guy’s book. It’s the definitive guide.

So should you waste your time on a Social network that’s been called a ‘complete failure?’ I guess that depends on how much of the hype, either positive or negative, you believe. A little later in this post I’ll give you 10 of my favorite, Google+ tips.

First though I want to invite you to join me Wednesday, November 6th for a Google+ Hangout On Air hosted by Novedge. They’ve titled the event “How to Succeed in Architecture: Social Media to Get What You Want” and invited Bob Borson of “Life of an Architect,” Enoch Sears of “Business of Architectureand Me to hang out, chat about Social Media and architecture and take your questions, live and on the air.

If you’ve never participated in an HOA before you should make this your first. Bob and Enoch are two of the smartest and most prolific writers about Social Media and digital marketing for Architects. I’m really looking forward to the conversation.

You can find more information about our HOA by following this link.

Thanks for the invitation Aurora!

Now, how about those tips I promised?!

1.  Google+ IS NOT Google’s answer to Facebook.

  • Google is … well, Google. So why would anyone assume that when they rolled Google+ out the purpose was to compete head to head with Facebook?

  • In case you’ve been lost in a cave since 1996, you know that Google IS search. Keep that in mind when thinking about Google+. Everything you do on this network should be done with your search goals in mind. How do you want clients and prospects to find you?

2.  Hang out.

  • Two of the coolest features they’ve packed into Google+ are Hangouts and Hangouts On Air. You’re probably familiar with Skype. Well how would you like the ability to have a Skype-like online video conference with 9 other people … for free?

  • By the way, Google owns YouTube, so you have the ability to broadcast and record your Hangout to your YouTube channel. Think of the possibilities.

3.   Take advantage of the Google network.

  • One of the knocks that haters lay on Google+ is that Google’s “Active Users” numbers are greatly inflated by their integration of platforms. If you use Gmail, whether you know it or not, you’re using Google+.

  • Is this scary, Big-Brother stuff or totally cool integration? I’ll let you decide. But Google has baked in the power to interact on G+ from many, if not all, of the Google tools that you currently use. Oh, and remember that search thing? They’re tying it all together.

4.   Optimize!

  • On Google+ more than anywhere else, it is vitally important to complete and optimize your profile.

  • Remember, it’s about search. Include keywords and links in your profile information. You’re entering the preferred feeding grounds of the Googlebots.

5.   Use keywords.

  • When a client or prospect begins a search for information about your industry, what do they type into the Google search bar? Those are the keywords that you need to focus on.

  • Include keywords in the first sentence of every post. Google will certainly give ranking priority in their search algorithms to content on their own platform. (That’s why they created the network.)

6.   Include links in every post.

  • Do you want to drive traffic to your website, blog or other online platform? Then let’s drive this point into the ground. The Googlebots are crawling Google+ like no other site. Include links in every post so they can be found and indexed.

7.   Take credit for your content with Google Authorship.

  • If you’re producing original content, no matter where it resides, you should set up Google Authorship. Sign up with your email address at and tag yourself as the author of all of your work. Again, it’s about search.

8.  Use the power of Circles.

  • Other than the extreme search implications inherent in the G+ network, Circles are probably the most unique characteristic of the platform.

  • When you decide to follow someone on Google+, you add them to a Circle. You’re automatically organizing and filtering right out of the gate, rather than creating lists after the fact as you do in Facebook and Twitter.  Create Circles for friends, family, local foodies and industry influencers, or whatever you want.

  • Make your circles as targeted as possible. When you create a post in Google+, you decide which Circles get to see the post. It’s a great system for promoting focused conversations.

9.   Be a tracker.

  • You can use Circles strategically to track influencers in your industry and your target markets. The Google+ Circle concept is a great way to create focused interaction, but it’s also an efficient way to listen to what influencers have to say and to connect with them.

  • Create a Circle for influencers and filter your consumption that way.

10.  You have unlimited, unending editing power. Use it.

  • I know Facebook just rolled their version of editing out but how many times have you posted something only to go back later and notice a typo or broken link? What do you do? Delete it and repost it? What if you already have ‘Likes’ and ‘Comments’? In Google+ you have the ability to edit any part of any post … forever. I need that.

So there you have it; 10 of my favorite Google+ tips and an upcoming Google+ Hangout On Air that I’m really excited about. I hope these tips are helpful for you and I hope you’ll join Bob, Enoch and Me on November 6th.

So what do you think? Are you on Google+? Do you have questions about Google+?

If you enjoyed these tips and are interested in my tips for other popular Social Media platforms check out Conquer Social Media by following this link.

Leave a comment and let me know. My goal is to start an open dialogue and let Architect of the Internet be a forum where we can all learn to have success in the business of architecture through Social media.

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