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I wasn’t able to go to Washington DC for the AIA’s Grassroots 2013 conference but I watched the Twitters closely to see what was going on. One tweet in particular piqued my interested and then inspired this infographic.

First, a few observations:

  • Grassroots is the “Leadership and Legislative Conference.” Less than 3.5% of Attendees tweeted using the conference hashtag #aiagr13.

  • The 3 most popular topics in the 1,600+ tweets were Repositioning, Leadership and Young.

  • The person most mentioned as a topic was Deb Kunce, FAIA.

  • The AIA component most mentioned as a topic was the Young Architect’s Forum.




What does this tell you? I’m going to let you interpret the statistics for yourself but let me know what you make of it all.

By the way, the tweet that got me started on this was from Sarah Markley or @DesignSMartly.

She said “Need to organize AIA social media before major events #aiagr13 (or #aiagr2013 ?) Social media is one way to stay #relevant espec with EPs”

I agree Sarah. Thanks for the tweet.

How do you think Architects and / or the AIA can do a better job using Social Media? Leave a comment below. I’d like to know what you think.

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